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Innovative, flexible production system
12 pages, German/English

  • Mobile, space-saving production system in an isolator
  • Simple production conversion on the "lock-and-key" principle
  • Processing toxic medications such as cytostatic drugs also possible
  • Single-use solutions for product-carrying parts

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Training and Qualification
8 pages, German/English

  • Increase in uptime and efficiency
  • Reduction in training costs
  • Individualized training modules
  • GMP-compliant training measures incl. documentation

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FVF 5060

Filling and closing machine for bottles and vials
20 pages, German/English

  • Liquid or powder products
  • Extremely gentle container transport
  • 100 % IPC at full output
  • Up to two different types of closure

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Semi-automatic machines for laboratory test series and small batches
8 pages, German/English

  • Operation via a touch screen panel
  • Servomotor drive technology
  • Suitable for VHP decontamination for use in an isolator

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Single-hose peristaltic pump

4 pages, German/English/French/Spanish

  • High process reliability - unbroken product supply
  • Minimum pulsation
  • One-hand operation
  • Simple cleaning
  • Extremely compact turret arrangement

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Powder Dosing

32 pages, German/English/French/Spanish

All the powder dosing machines are designed for processing delicate, high-grade medicines and other pharmaceutical products.

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